International Journal of Plasma Environmental Science and Technology (IJPEST) was first published by the Institute of Electrostatics Japan in cooperation with academies related to electrostatics in France, USA, Canada, Korea and China on March 2007. IJPEST (Print ISSN 1881-8692; Online ISSN 2435-0125) is an international, peer-reviewed journal covering fundamentals and applications of electrostatics and nonthermal technology. IJPEST has become a full Open Access Journal from 2020 (Vol. 14). Authors have to pay a publication charge and the published papers are freely available to everyone.

IJPEST welcome contributions reporting new findings based on computational, theoretical and experimental works relevant to the topics of the journal. The papers have not been reported before and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Type of Articles

IJPEST publishes five types of articles; Regular paper, Review paper, Perspective, Technical notes, and Communication.

Regular paper
reports original and new developments on the topics of IJPEST. It should contain elements of research background, clear description of method(s) and material(s), discussions of presented data, conclusion derived from the sound discussion, and literature..
Review paper
summarizes the overview of current state-of-understanding on an important topic. It should also contain extensive survey of valuable literature, critical analysis, comparison, classification and balanced perspective of current research front and debates.
presents the author's opinion, insights, and unique viewpoint on existing problems, concepts, or prevalent notions on a specific topic. It may propose a new hypothesis and/or ideas regarding future directions on a specific topic but should remained balanced. Perspective is usually shorter than Review Papers.
Technical Note
is short paper reporting interesting phenomenon, a modification of an existing methods, unique experience worth to be known to the readers. It does not necessarily contain deep scientific discussion and validation.
Short Communication
is a short paper reporting an important original finding with novelty (significant improvements, new practical applications, new tool/method to existing methods). It should be concise, innovative and unique which is worth to be quickly known to the scientific community.

Publication Fee

Publication fee of 200 USD (or 20,000 JPY for Japanese contributor) is charged to papers accepted after peer-review. All articles published in IJPEST are free access to all readers.

Topics suitable for IJPEST

IJPEST Paper Award

The Editorial Board members appreciate the authors for outstanding contributions since the transition to Open Access Journal. To recognize and appreciate the important contributions of authors, IJPEST will start Paper Award which will be selected from the articles each year. Review papers are not eligible. All published papers automatically become candidates. The Editorial Board will select the winners considering academic criteria such as novelty, creativity, originality, importance, and social and academic impact, etc. The winners of the "IJPEST 2023 Paper Award" will be announced on the webpage in early January 2024. We are waiting for your paper submission with outstanding content providing new theory, interesting findings, and experimental achievements advancing the relevant field.

Ethical Statement and Peer-Review Policy

Refer to the ethics statement.
Refer to the peer review policy.

Citation Index

Articles published in IJPEST has been included in the well-known citation database “Scopus (Elsevier)” from 2011. IJPEST will apply for “impact factor (IF)” on 2020 to make it more reliable and visible to the relevant scientific community.

Editorial Office

Questions associated with the paper submission, special issue, and inquiry regarding the review process can be sent to Editorial Office with the following information.

Email*: info[at]ijpest.com

*Type @ instead of “[at]”.


IJPEST is published by The Institute of Electrostatics Japan. Any questions associated with the publication fee can be sent to the Publisher with the following information.

Email*: iesj[at]iesj.org

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