Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 51-58, (2013)


Performance Characteristics of Partially Covered Wire-Parallel Plate Electrodes Type Electrohydrodynamic Gas Pumps

H. Tsubone1, G. D. Harvel2, K. Urashima3, K. Akashi4, and J. S. Chang3

1 Mechanical Engineering, Ariake National College of Technology, Japan
2 Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada
3 McIARS & Department of Engineering Physics, McMaster University, Canada
4 Advanced Production and Information Systems Engineering Course, Ariake National College of Technology, Japan


In recent years, a variety of EHD gas pumps have been experimentally and analytically investigated and developed for heat and fluid transportation. As one of the effective EHD gas pumps concepts, a partially covered wire-parallel plate type EHD gas pump has been suggested. In this study, the experimental investigations were conducted for the effects of the flow channel width, the number of wire electrodes (from 1 to 3 wires) and distance between wire electrodes on the pump characteristics for the EHD gas pumps under dc positive applied voltage. Furthermore, a method on the partial insulation cover of the corona wire was tested in order to miniaturize the EHD gas pump. These experimental results on discharge and flow characteristics for 7 kinds of partially covered wire-parallel plate type EHD gas pump configurations are shown and discussed in detail in this paper.

Keywords - EHD gas pump, partially covered wire-parallel plate, multistage, velocity, volume flow rate

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